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Amy J Perkins Real Estate Broker License#01879160

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 Hope Ranch Estates                                      Goleta Homes under 1 million

Santa Barbara Homes under 2 million               Condos in Santa Barbara and Goleta

Santa Barbara Homes over 2 million                 Montecito Estates

Amy J. Perkins Real Estate Appraiser License#AR028749

I am currently available for appraisal work, see appraiser services

Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, FHA Approved, CALTRANS approved

Agents feel free to call me if you have a difficult property to price, I can help with the most unusual properties (Ocean Front Properties and Properties at the top of the pass for example) and you can trust that if I am appraising your listing I legally cannot list it, as this would be a conflict of interest.  I am dedicated to honest and ethical relations when it comes to fellow agents.  I would highly recommend that owner occupied investment properties be appraised for the highest possible price in the market, remember it's all about the cap rate and I can provide that information.

I can assist with Estate Valuations and Tax reduction

Typically when a person passes away you will need a valuation as of the date of death, you can use a date six months prior and six months after, which ever is to your best advantage.  When you need both dates the second valuation is half off.

Under prop 13, if the market declines you have the right to lower your assessor taxes to the current value, you can even retroactively reduce your taxes for more than just one year.  I have performed these reductions in cases and provided expert witness testimony.  The largest overall value reduction I have performed was lowered by 9 million dollars, which saved the owner over $400,000.

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